Book Review – Golden City

Golden City — by S R Manssen, 2020

Book Three of the Realm Trilogy

Review by Piper Mejia


The story so far – in Medar and Tyrelia (Books 1 and 2) fourteen year old Freya, half blind and poor, is an unlikely heroine. Disbelieved and condemned to death she finds unexpected help from the Ancient and a prophecy of a girl who tore down the wall.

Golden City picks up the story in the land of Tyrelia, where Freya is haunted by dreams of unwinnable battles and wracked with guilt of her abandoned family. Encouraged by her constant companion Willow, and Nyx a mentor of the Watchers, Freya takes up the challenge of fulfilling an Ancient prophecy to prove she is the girl who can tear down walls. Her journey is fraught with life and death decisions, disconnecting her from her family and the future of her people, who remain trapped in the Golden City. This final book in the trilogy, Golden City, brings Freya’s epic journey to a satisfying conclusion while leaving room for more adventures in S R Manssen’s world of myth and magic. Freya is an inspiring protagonist, using intelligence instead of violence to deal with seemingly insurmountable events in her young life. A thoroughly enjoyable read for young adults, and those of us who never grew up.

Book Details
ISBN / ISSN 978-0473544003
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Publication Date November 13, 2020
Format Paperback, 200pgs
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