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Craniums 28 Grey St, Tauranga

On Friday 27th August it’s Phantom National Poetry Day 2021. Write a poem – and, yes, there will be prizes, thanks to our sponsor, Craniums (for clever kids and clever Mums and Dads) at 28 Grey Street, Tauranga. Open to poets of any age and absolutely free! Please type your poem or write it out neatly by hand. Make sure your name and email, text or telephone number is on it. The rules? Rhymed or unrhymed. Up to 24 lines maximum. Choose your subject from the following: Ghosts. Monsters. Animals. Sport. A Nonsense Poem. Prizegiving Craniums Saturday 28th August 2021 12-2pm.



Mauao Performing Arts Centre 11 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty 3116, Tauranga

You’re invited to Tauranga Writers celebration of local poets and songwriters. Buddy Mikaere, MC begins our evening with mahoia and karakia then introduces our performers and participants. First up, Doctor Archaeo and Captain Houndstooth from BoP Beat Poets. Next, Fiona Sullivan, a stalwart of poetry circles in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Steampunk Tauranga add their own unique take on poetry. Phantom NPD 2021 in Tauranga finishes with our stars of the evening – singers and songwriters with an international reputation. Empowering us with their words and music will be Marion Arts and Mana Farrell. Oh yes! – plus open mike.