8 Under 8 For 8’s

Funny short stories for 3rd graders and younger, this heartwarming children’s book has 8 short story read-alouds for 3rd graders (and younger children), plus  in the paperback version there are 24 bonus coloring pages. Read about elephants, dragons, unicorns, prince and princesses —and that’s only two of the stories! You’ll also find pirates, sea monsters, pet dogs and motor scooters. Perfect for classroom read-alouds and bedtime short stories for second and third-grade kids (7 to 8 year-olds).

Coloring Pages

The 24 bonus coloring pages in the paperback book are great for after reading activities. These coloring pages are suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels—they include young children’s coloring pages up to adult coloring pages.

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Author: Karen Cossey
For: Ages 7-8
Pages: 111


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