The Battle of the Snake

The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian
BOOK ONE: The Battle of the Snake

Crimson, the last of the secretive and elusive medieval unicorns, steps into young orphaned Kinsey’s path and life. Within minutes Kinsey finds herself battling a huge and dangerous snake-like river monster with nothing but a magical cloak and a dagger. somehow she survives, and with her sense of adventure awakened, she agrees to travel with Crimson on an incredible journey towards more danger and peril than she could ever imagine.

Kinsey must overcome a band of monsters called jagotchies before rescuing the kidnapped leader of the dwarfs and helping save the life of a young troll-like creature, a Shadow-Blood.

As she travels closer to the battlefield where the nation’s enemy is gathering his forces, she has to avoid wolf-like creatures called mungas intent on tearing her limb to limb, escape the clutches of the small but deadly bobaho and kill a giant dragon to rescue Crimson from a band of shape-shifters.

At every encounter, Kinsey discovers more about the cloak’s magic secrets, and surprises herself with her own abilities. But war is looming, and old enemies and warriors are gathering their forces. Has she learned enough to be able to defeat the deadliest enemy of all—the man called the Snake?

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Author: Karen Cossey
Series: The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian
One (The Battle of the Snake)
For: Ages 8-11 years
Pages: 162


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