The Dangers of Being Brave & True

The Kingsfort family is exiled royalty, once powerful rulers of an other-world monarchy where connection to the elements equals status, favour and control. Their only son will be the 40th king of Arvalonia when he turns 16. Pity they ‘forgot’ to tell him.

Wrenched from Earth, thirteen-year-old Brave Kingsfort lands alone in a wild new world. On the run from a ruthless dictator and torn from everything he knows and loves, his unpredictable talent for connecting to the elements is the least of his worries until he discovers it might be his only way out.

Seventeen-year-old True Harboursfort is determined to prove she’s more than her parents’ bargaining chip. When her plans for elemental advancement are sabotaged and the callous decision at the heart of her dysfunctional family is revealed, everything changes. Including herself. Beyond recognition. It’s terrifying.
So why does it feel so good?

Forced to make an alliance, Brave and True must overcome their families’ lies to trust one another and survive. All the while, deeply guarded mysteries lurk in the shadows, waiting to reshape their world forever.

ISBN: 978-1738595570

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Author: J.M. Goldie
Title: The Dangers of Being Brave & True
For: Young Adults
Pages: 321


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