Funny how birthdays make you sit up and wonder.  Mine was yesterday and after all these years I consider what correlation the 25th March has to do with the seasons. We are entering autumn in New Zealand, a time for leaves to stop receiving sustenance, turn colour and drop to rot into the earth.  We give it a fancy name and call it ‘death’, a word into which we pour a whole lot of connotations.  Yet the ‘drop and rot’ scenario is a natural and beautiful experience as is the ‘grow and show’ during the leaf and our own peak display.  Drop and rot provides sustenance to the tree’s roots and to the insects that live off the ground.  Each particle from that leaf will break down further and there will be no more of its former self.  It will become part of the collective that makes up the soil, as we know it.  How I correlate that to myself is the same for my physical body as it for my spiritual being. Instead of being physical matter, my spirit is an energy spark that will collect in a massive glow of light.  Indeed it is a funny wee life.