Battle of the Birds

Feeling homesick is horrible. The new place is exciting but it isn’t as good. The food is different, nothing is familiar, and people talk funny. It was like that when I moved to Wisconsin: I missed New Zealand so much! I missed my friends, the beach, rugby games, driving on the left-hand side, even food like Marmite and mince pies. Then I discovered Wisconsin’s intriguing animal-shaped effigy mounds, ancient sites with no known purpose. I imagined these mounds were secret portals to other places and if I found the right one it would whisk me home to New Zealand.

But people say you can never go home. Things change while you are away: new buildings go up, new roads develop, and people move on. So when I wrote Annie’s adventure I thought I might explore this idea, while also drawing on my experience of trail running on forest tracks. I sent Annie back to a time when Moa and Te Hōkioi dominated the wild New Zealand bush. Eventually, I came to love Wisconsin with its red barns, yellow school buses and blue, blue lakes. I loved the sound of my shovel in the snow, cheesy bagels, fall leaves, sledding, and the lovely friends I made there. Perhaps it’s time I looked for a New Zealand portal, so I can pop back for a visit!



Author: Lee Murray

E-Book — ASIN : B00GHA2MDA

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