What is the real reason there are traces of water on Mars?

Would you try to eat a Splibob?

Can his Machine of Awesomeness save Jimmy’s life?

Where does Pauline the chicken really belong?

Find out the answer to these and many more questions in this intriguing collection of intermediate school students’ writing. Forty-two science fiction and fantasy short stories from all over New Zealand take you on a wild ride… so belt up, buckle in and get ready to escape, run, hide, fight and fly through the future and Beyond the Stars…

An anthology of wonderful New Zealand Intermediate School Writing edited by Chad Dick and Jan Goldie. Beyond the Stars 2016 is the fourth anthology of intermediate school writing in the Beyond This series.

A wonderful collection of intriguing stories, it continues the sequence through which Tauranga Writers aims to encourage and support young writers throughout New Zealand. For this collection we asked students to cast their imaginations above and beyond the ordinary – to other planets, to a futuristic Earth, to alien home-worlds and beyond the stars. We received over 350 submissions from more than 50 schools and all the students received individual feedback.

Cover design by Kodi Murray.

ISBN: 978-0473354466