Six science fiction and fantasy novellas from Aotearoa New Zealand

Interdimensional forests, atomic ghosts and future tech gone horribly wrong abound in this collection of six works by acclaimed New Zealand sci fi and fantasy writers.

Tim Jones explores desperation and betrayal on New Zealand’s shores in his climate refugee novella, Landfall

AC Buchanan tells a story of creatures and people displaced in time and space in Bree’s Dinosaur

Grant Stone’s tale of jealous muses and musical prodigy: The Last.

Lee Murray and Piper Mejia’s sci-fi adventure Mika throws the reader into an odyssey through a dystopic USA.

A husband with a secret in IK Paterson-Harkness’ Pocket Wife.

Grief, ghosts, and atoms: Octavia Cade explores Ernest Rutherford’s discoveries of loss in The Ghost of Matter.

From award-winning boutique publisher Paper Road Press.

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Author: Lee Murray and Piper Mejia

ISBN: 978-0473336486


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