Wish Upon a Southern Star

A Collection of Retold Fairy Tales

The Southern Cross shines high above a fairy tale wood. Come step inside. Drink dew from the leaves with tiny Tommelise. Eat egg sandwiches with a toothy young troll. Escape with Rapunzel. Trick Rumpelstiltskin. Shiver in the snow. Climb the beanstalk. Pray to the Piper. Be a cat. In and out of the wood, whether in this world or another, these stories will take you to new places. Explore how far you can go in this anthology of twenty-one fairy tale retellings by New Zealand and Australian authors. Teaching notes available at www.shelleychappell.com.




Edited by Shelley Chappell and featuring retold fairy tales by Mahoney Adair, Goldie Alexander, Hilary Barrett, Stacey Campbell, Shelley Chappell, Hannah Davison, Graham Davidson, Simon Fogarty, Maria Hansen, S.M. Harris, K.S. Liggett, Sara Litchfield, John Lowe, Virginia Lowe, Megan Norris, Angela Oliver, Kate O’Neil, J.L. O’Rourke, Leigh Roswen, Philippa Werry, and Tony Wilson.

ISBN: 978-1547184187

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