Medar – Realm Trilogy (book one) by SR Manssen
(Tom Fitzgibbon Award finalist for Best Youth Novel)

A mysterious tablet. An ancient prophecy. A quest to find Tyrelia. Freya is half blind, poor, and lives in land locked Medar: an unlikely heroine. Yet she finds herself thrown into an adventure that takes her to the very edge of the only world she has ever known. Will she unlock the clues hidden in the tablet? The key to the long-lost path to Tyrelia—and freedom—is in her hands.

Tyrelia – Realm Trilogy (book two) by SR Manssen
(Sir Julius Vogel Award finalist for Best Youth Novel)

She escaped death. She unlocked the mystery of the Tablet to discover the long-lost bridge across the chasm. She passed through the Wall. But fourteen-year-old Freya’s biggest challenge is yet to come: all alone, she must enter Tyrelia, following new clues that lead her on a new quest deep into Tyrelia. All communication lost, will Freya find the Ancient before it’s too late for her family trapped in the Golden City?

Golden City – Realm Trilogy (book three) by SR Manssen

Poor and blind in one eye, 14-year-old Freya is an unlikely heroine. But she has outwitted the evil Master twice already. Now training to become an Adelphi, she learns that she has been chosen to receive the Armour of Tyrelia. Her courage and resilience are tested to the limit as she navigates the consequences of her choices. Can she secure all the pieces of the armour in time to rescue her family and everyone else trapped in the Golden City?

The Better Sister and other stories, by Piper Mejia

Two-time Sir Julius Vogels nominee Piper Mejia delivers her debut collection: dark tales of sisterhood. Featuring nine stories that explore the complexity of the sister-trio relationship in worlds where women struggle for a voice, a place to stand; and peace in themselves.

Grotesque: Monster Stories by Lee Murray

Three-time Bram Stoker Award® nominee Lee Murray delivers her debut collection, and it is monstrous. Featuring eleven uncanny tales of automatons, zombies, golems, and dragons, and including the Taine McKenna adventure Into the Clouded Sky, Grotesque: Monster Stories breathes new life into the monster genre.

Into the Mist by Lee Murray
(Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel)

NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna and his squad are tasked with escorting a bunch of civilian contractors into Te Urewera National Park, but a prehistoric creature is intent on picking them off one by one. With their weapons ineffective, the babysitting job has become a race for survival. Desperate to bring his charges out alive, Taine draws on ancient tribal wisdom. Will it be enough to stop the nightmare? And when the mist clears, will anyone be left?

Into the Sounds by Lee Murray
(Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel)

When NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna joins biologist Jules Asher on deer culling expedition to New Zealand’s southernmost national park, they stumble on the nation’s Tūrehu tribe, becoming some of only a handful to encounter the elusive ghost people. But a band of mercenaries hell-bent on exploiting the tribes’ survivors are prepared to kill anyone who gets in their way. And something else lurking in the sounds has its own agenda. When the waters clear, will anyone be allowed to leave?

Into the Ashes by Lee Murray (Bram Stoker Award® finalist) When the Kāhui Tupua mountain ranges threaten to erupt, NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna and his section are tasked with evacuating civilians and tourists from Tongariro National Park. Cut off, their only hope of rescuing the stranded civilians is to find another route out, but a busload of prison evacuees has other ideas. And, deep beneath the earth’s crust, other forces are stirring.

Battle of the Birds by Lee Murray
(Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Youth Novel)

When 11-year‐old Annie lies on an eagle‐shaped hill in Wisconsin and daydreams of home, the eagle breaks free from the earth and flies her back to New Zealand! But she’s arrived a thousand years too early, and right in the midst of a battle between the birds. A middle grade adventure set right here in the Bay.

Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women edited by Lee Murray & Geneve Flynn

In Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women, Southeast Asian writers of horror both embrace and reject traditional roles in a unique collection of stories which dissect their experiences of ‘otherness’.

Blood of the Sun by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray There’s been a gang massacre on Auckland’s Freyberg Wharf, and it’s up to scientific consult Penny Yee to sort through the mess, a hellish task made worse by the earthquake swarms, the insufferable heat, and Cerberus’ infernal barking. And what’s got into her brother Matiu? Is he running with the gangs again? Because if he’s involved, Penny will murder him herself… Matiu can taste the chaos in the air. The coming days promise to be dark, but there’s a bright side. He’s got this flash new car, Penny’s been too busy working to bug him, and Erica keeps scheduling their probation meetings over her lunch hour… Join Penny and Matiu Yee for the family reunion to end all family reunions, as the struggle between light and dark erupts across Auckland’s volcanic skyline.

Three Little Wax Eyes by Kinsa Hays (In English and Te Reo)

Learning something new isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need help from others. This is the story of how three little chicks faced their fears with help from Mum and Dad.  With activities for parents and teachers to do with their children at home or in school.


Wiremu Weka by Kinsa Hays

Wiremu Weka, chasing his stolen treasures, sneaks aboard the famous TranzAlpine express train, finding adventure as he crosses the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Trek along with this smart bird as he hangs out with the locals, steals stuff, saying “Oh, bugs ’n beetles” as he gets himself into trouble again.  Fast-paced and humorous, this story for 8-13 year olds is lavishly illustrated with photos, facts and maps to educate and entertain.

Doctor Peter’s Good Earth Magic by Kinsa Hays

When Doctor Peter Lester, soil expert, gets an email from the fairies asking for help to show humans how to rebalance their soil, what else could he do except go to Magic Toadstool Lane in Avocado Orchard #2012, Katikati, to find out what was happening. This mixture of fantasy and fact makes Doctor Peter’s Good Earth Magic understand the importance of healthy soil for healthy plants in New Zealand.

The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries Series
Book One: The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure by Karen Cossey

Logan had no idea that trespassing could lead to so much trouble.  All he wanted was to explore some out-of-bounds caves by himself but instead he finds a new friend and load of danger. Before he knows it, his new friend and he are captured by gold smugglers and left in a burning fire with no way out! How will they survive? And how will they save their friends?

The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries Series
Book Two: The Con Artist’s Takeover by Karen Cossey

Meeka has a secret that scares her into silence,  a burden she can’t even trust with her friends. All Logan, Nate and Poet want to do is help her, but when they uncover a crime, Meeka acts like she wishes they weren’t there.  Will they have enough loyalty and bravery to not only solve the mystery but save their friendship…and their lives?


Cinderella Sarah by Karen Cossey

Find all sorts of fun read aloud children’s stories and heart-warming bedtime stories for kids ages 5-9. There are fairy tale characters, pets, school friends, angels, dinosaurs, monsters, and dragons! It’s one of those fun books for kids you’ll enjoy as much as your child or student!


Brave’s Journey by Jan Goldie (suitable for age 10 plus)
(Shortlisted for the Tom Fitzgibbon Award, 2014 and Sir Julius Vogel Award, 2016)

When you discover your mum’s been telling lies all your life, what do you do? Dive through a whirling vortex to follow her to another world, of course.  Brave lands in Arvalonia where elemental magic calls the shots. With his only surviving parent nowhere in sight, a maniacal queen on his tail and no clue how to control his fledgling powers, he’s truly on his own. It takes a mysterious old man, his homicidal camel and a girl called True to set him on the right path. Together they venture deep into the wilds of Arvalonia; facing months without a bath, nipping stinkbuggies, evil ruler Mallevia’s ruthless guards and eventually the vile queen herself. A fantasy adventure where the nature of power is within the power of nature.

Mandy and the Moonballs by Gillian McGowan Cook (Suitable for ages  6-10)

Too sad to sleep, Mandy sneaks into the dark garden of her new home, where she meets Cordelia, a magical cicada. Helping her construct a bridge across the lake, Cordelia takes Mandy on a moonlit adventure and, in the process, she learns how to turn a heavy heart into a happy one. Picture Book.

Nine Days to Christmas by Gaye Hemsley

A story told in rhyme about a family in New Zealand getting ready for Christmas
First Page:Nine day to Christmas, so much to do
Mum has decided we’ll have a barbecue


I’m a Little Kiwi by Gaye Hemsley
Child singing ‘I’m a little Kiwi’ to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot’. This book is very popular with grandparents who purchase it for their overseas grandchildren.

Journey of a Dance Teacher by Gaye Hemsley

Gaye’s memoir is about persevering with one’s passion through all the obstacles that life presents. It starts with a step back in time to reveal life in Auckland as a child, teenager, wife and mother. Her sixty year career as a dance teacher has taken her around the world attending and tutoring at workshops.

This Old Stick by Andrew Corin (Available at Paper Plus and Books Aplenty) This award-winning book (Finalist in Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2020) tells the stories of older people who are around us – stories which are at once familiar and yet extraordinary. The delightful and challenging characters encountered are beautifully presented with warm-hearted and absorbing honesty.

Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet by Rachel Weston                                        
“A hugely informative children’s book about bees. Not only is it very appealing to look at and informative to read but there are interesting side boxes covering even more information… the ‘Buzz facts’ are well thought out and placed. The book also offers suggestions for activities for children to do with supervision and suggests other activities to instigate.  With links to useful websites for even more information this book simply covers everything you might need to know, as both a resource book for teachers and a sharing one for children.

Hello! Kia ora! Welcome new friend! By Rachel Weston

 Ruby is the new girl at her early childhood centre, and she feels like an outsider. However, the fellow pre-schoolers have learned a smile is easy to do and costs nothing to share. Their kind actions have a transforming effect.  This is a brilliant book for whānau and kaiako to use to support children as they transition in to, or between, early childhood education services.

Boo goes Tutti Frutti by Rachel Weston“High on the bench a bowl caught Boo’s eye.  Jump! Thump! Bump! What did Boo spy?”  This bouncy page turner will have children guessing what type of fruit Boo gets his teeth into next.  Kiwifruit! Plums! Avocados!  The McQueen sisters’ pristine house quickly loses its sparkle and sheen! With a catchy rhythm and rhyme and Scott Tulloch’s bright and humorous illustrations, this delightful picture book will have everyone joining in!


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