Book Review – Saving Grace

Saving Grace — by Maree Hyde

Review by Bernie Hanvey


Set in New Zealand, Saving Grace is the poignant autobiographical account of surviving an abusive twelve-year relationship with a violent and selfish man. This honest recount of the harrowing fear and betrayal Maree suffered, first as a young girl while being raised by a solo mother and later as a solo parent herself, is one too many women can relate to.

Without the guiding hand of her father, Maree recalls the struggles of life in the 1970s with great clarity, persistence, and raw description. At its core is Maree’s connection to her faith which allowed her to forgive and reconcile with her past.

Saving Grace will strike a positive chord with many readers seeking help and guidance through troubled times.

Book Details
ISBN / ISSN 978-0995135604
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Publication Date 17 Oct 2020
Format Paperback, 108pgs
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