Book Review – Into the Ashes

Into the Ashes — by Lee Murray

Review by Sharon Manssen


The mountains are erupting. The citizens have been evacuated…except for a handful of scientists and a busload of prisoners. The army is sent in to round up the stragglers, but the prisoners aren’t so keen on being caught. This sets the scene for a tense thriller, a game of cat and mouse…with mother nature!

But can the chaos be attributed to mere forces of nature, or is there more to it, that requires someone with a connection to the Māori gods themselves to intervene? Once again, Murray delivers a nail-biting adventure, this time set in the beautiful (but lethal) New Zealand central plateau, woven through with Māori mythology.

Book Details
ISBN / ISSN 978-1925840575
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Publication Date February 26, 2019
Format Paperback, 223pgs
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