Book Review – The Better Sister and other stories

The Better Sister and other stories — by Piper Mejia (2020)

Review by Sharon Manssen


This is a collection of short stories that all have something in common: three sisters. Except they’re not all necessarily alive. The protagonist is almost always one of the sisters, whose story has been shaped by her history and relationship with her sisters: one was the surviving triplet at birth; another exacts revenge for the murder of her siblings; yet another seeks to understand why her sister died for her.

The stories are set in a range of cultural contexts, in known and unknown worlds. And the themes are brutal: alcoholic and abusive parents; unwanted pregnancies; an arranged marriage; and murder. Whilst always disturbing, the stories are beautifully crafted and carry you along to each surprising conclusion. Well worth the read.

Book Details
ISBN / ISSN 978-0473535636
Author Website
Publication Date 1 November 2020
Format Paperback, 154pgs  | E-Book
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